How honey is extracted


A person extracts honey from a hive where bees prepare a usable product. Before extracting the honeycomb, it is necessary to make sure if a part of them is sealed with a seal. Sealing honeycomb with bees is a clear sign of honey’s readiness.


Product fence is made usually in the evening. From the hive, the frames where bee honeycomb are located are neatly removed, then the frames are installed in a special container.


With filled frames pumping is made by means of honey racing. The slats are cleaned from wax, honeycombs are printed with a special knife. Ready for pumping frame is installed in the honey race. Pumped honey is drained into glass, wood or enameled containers.


The resulting honey is used by people for cooking and medical purposes. Humanity has enjoyed the product for over 6000 years. In medicine, honey was used to treat a large number of diseases, ranging from problems with the gastrointestinal tract to wound healing with compresses.


Bee-treated honey is thick, sticky and very sweet. It contains several varieties of sugar, including dextrose and fructose. The taste of the product depends on the colors from which the pollen has been collected. There is also artificial honey produced by sucrose processing and the introduction of additional flavors. Artificial product is obtained from sugar, corn, watermelon, melon, flesh of vegetables and fruits. Tea leaves, saffron or saffron leaves are used to color it.

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