What is a comfort doll and how to soothe the child

In the 90s in England, one mom figured out how to calm her child down when she had to excommunicate. She noticed that her toddler liked to play with headscarves and rags, and made him a simple but amazing toy. It was a plain diaper with a toy head sewn to it. Mum carried this toy with her for a long time, and the diaper soaked with her smell. When she put the toy in the crib to the toddler, the child calmed down and fell asleep better, smelling the mother as if she was nearby. This mom later set up a whole business on similar toys. They are called comfort men because the child is calm and comfortable with them when the mother is not around. Comforters won the hearts of all European parents. And in recent years began to conquer the Russian market.

These toys are also called dolls, hugs, companions. They are a piece of natural fabric pleasing to the touch, with the head of a bunny, a cat, a bear, a girl and other creatures. The toy’s body itself is hollow, and the head is stuffed with synthepon or hollofiber.

As the mom feeds the baby, she keeps the comforter near herself, pressing against her body, the toy soaking up her scent. Later, she puts the toddler in a crib, and next to him a toy. Then it’s easier for the child to fall asleep, he doesn’t cry, but knows that mom is around. That’s the main purpose of the comfort. But the mothers, whose children are completely breastfed, know firsthand how difficult it can be to lay a toddler alone in a crib and without breasts, and how he starts to cry as soon as you leave him. For them, the comforter will be a real salvation. Babies have a thin sense of smell, and the smell from the toy soothes them, gives a sense of comfort and safety. Such a companion will be a real friend for the child from birth until 8 years.

Comforter will help the child quietly transition to the feed. He is taken with him to a children’s high chair, fed a toy spoon. During weaning, the comforter will also become an assistant. The baby will hug him, falling asleep and smelling his mom. After a year, children willingly take their companion to visit and travel. They will already have a feeling of safety next to their favorite toy. If it is necessary to go to a doctor’s appointment or treat teeth, then there will also come to the aid of a comfort. It is only worth hugging him, pat the soft, gentle calf of toys as the child immediately calms down. Before going to unfamiliar places or where the child will obviously be uncomfortable, you need to hold a game lesson with a comfort. For example, if there is going to go to the doctor, then play with the toy in the hospital or in the doctor, to get a meal, listen to Stethoskopom. And final. to such places you need to take the toy with you.

Comforters are sewn from natural fabric, they are safe, they can even be used instead of a nipple, if the breast can’t sleep in any way. It can scratch the gums and relieve pain during teething.

The toy develops the small motor skills of the hands, it can be rubbed and crumpled. During feeding, the infant needs to be given a comfort in his hands so that he does not touch the mother’s clothes and does not tug her by the hair. Thus, not only the child, but also the mother, will be quiet with the toy.

You can play different educational games with the Comforter puppet. Like studying her eyes, mouth, ears. Or hide the doll, and the baby will look for it.

These toys are expensive in stores, despite the fact that they are very simple. Therefore, moms can produce them independently. For example, make on a handkerchief nodules – and the doll is ready. It is possible to tie the comfort.

You can also sew the toy on the finished pattern.

Psychologists and educators argue that the comfort dolls do soothe children and help deal with fears. Buying such toys, parents express their love and care, make an indisputable contribution to the development of their child.

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