What doll to give

From diversity on shelves in stores or from assortment in online stores, the child’s eyes light up. But an adult, far from the doll world, may have a question: how on earth can choose a pupa? And true, this kind of diffuse and delighting and frightening at the same time. Easy and confused.

There are very many varieties of dolls: from the simplest game to collectible. We’re interested in the most ordinary budget game dolls for girls. First of all we look at the resurrection of the child. Many dolls have age limits and are not easy. After all, small details are ruinous for the child. In the first three years it is better to prefer large dolls with a minimum of details, but not very bulky and heavy, so that the child can freely carry the toy without experiencing discomfort while playing and carrying.

Reborn-Kids dolls are now a huge success in children and adults. And both originals themselves, and their budget variations are analogues. Dolls resemble babies as accurately as possible, so that the baby will be very interesting to play with such a doll. During the game, children repeat their parents, if the child often screams and scolds or punishes the doll, most likely it duplicates the behavior of the parents or those in plain sight of the child – worth turning attention. Since up to three years of age children are not yet independent, it is necessary to control their communication with toys, even if they do not have small details.


‘s not only girls who have to play with dolls, but also boys. So in the early stages the boy must have a poopsy too. That’s how they learn to express care, give love, not just accept. Most likely in the future the boy himself will refuse to play with dolls, closer to 4-5 years. And not all girls play dolls and love them.

As it grows older, so does the doll. First in mastrabs, then in an interactive plan. For girls 4-5 years old you already need to buy older dolls than poopsics. They have long hair, and the outfits are more detailed, there are fine details.

When choosing dolls, it is always best to give preference to proven factories, and to wash or wipe before using the pupa , because the child likes to try everything. It is not uncommon to see dolls at restoration with their fingers bitten off.

Soon girls become interested in interactive pupae, able to talk, walk, sing. It is important to teach a child how to properly handle and appreciate toys to save for years to come.

Soft dolls are a separate theme. They are made of yarn, fabric. With such dolls, the child is pleasant to sleep, and it is almost impossible to break. The doll can be made himself, also the child will be involved in the process of creating his doll.

For girls of older return now the topic of puppets LOL Surprise! These attractive babes captured girls’ hearts with their charm. More calculation is done on the effect of surprise, never guess what’s inside. It’s balls with a pupa or her pet inside, opening each layer, finding one detail after another.

Still attracts the pupa or pet by its abilities, for example, when exposed to water changes color, etc. impress with their diversity. But children’s attention to hold on one toy is very difficult, so the choice of which doll to choose will always stand.

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