How to choose a doll for a child

Disney Princesses

Dolls released based on Disney cartoons. Their diversity also does not give many peace – you want to buy everyone from the collection. So if you give a child one doll, such as Snow White, will likely want another one, and then another.

Most popular Anna and Elsa, Rapunzel, Cinderella. Such pupae are very detailed, their outfit is as close as possible to the image from the cartoon. But there are age limits from 3 years. But still these pupae are more interesting to girls from 4-5 years, when they already confidently hold the toy in their hand and know how to create puppet scenes.

Disney dolls are also featured in children’s age. They’re very bright and cute.

Monster High Dolls

These kids also amaze with their diversity, they are even more than Disney. They are all bright, original, are accustomed exclusive. These fashion dolls are already for more adult children, from 7 years old and up. Many collectors did not ignore this series of puppets and also replenish it their shelves.

Girls and boys are created by Mattel Company based on horror films.

Each doll has its own specific name, depending on whose child is. Yes, the pupae are a little intimidating, but the kids love them a lot. To precisely choose the doll you like, you need to know the priorities of the child in this series of dolls. Because the dolls are very different, each has its own unique outfit, mold, character.

Dolls commissioned by Mattel are produced in China and Indonesia.

All puppets have excellent articulation, requiring careful attitude, as well as a lot of small details, so such pupae are not designed for younger age.

Ever After High

Also a popular line of dolls – eaters for girls from 7-8 years, similar to Monsters. Dolls of the daughters of famous princesses, evil sorceresses, Jack the conqueror of giants, Pinocchio, Mad Hatter, etc. 

They also have great articulation: leg-handles bend. The outfits are admirable even in adults, so everything is thought out. Pupae are well worked, so in adult collections they also often appear. The choice of dolls is large, so it is worth guided by the preference of the child, which of the heroes he loves more and would like to have in his collection. Dolls require a neat attitude.

Barbie Mattel

Perhaps one of the oldest but equally popular dolls is the Barbie doll and her girlfriend.

 Girls were released in 1959. But now they don’t think to surrender their positions, on the contrary, with every year coming out more and more new lines. The classic Barbie in pink gave its way to pupae in more modest casual outfits. Another chip Mattel was in 2016 the release of Barbie dolls with different types of bodies.

This Mattel thing was invented for a reason. Children must understand that all people are different not only by the color of hair, skin, but also by height and weight. So came three new types of bodies: tall, puff and small. Perhaps the great love was won by the puppies. They are handy to keep, change clothes.

But then there are restrictions on return 3+. Although dolls are for more adults, because there are a lot of details, as well as different braces will be clear to children at a more fearful age.

Dolls are very many, and it’s hard not to make a mistake with the choice. Therefore, you need to push back against the age of the child as well as their preferences.

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