How to borrow a child in a village

Outdoor games

 In the village the child spends maximum free time outdoors. Organize his leisure time. For kids you can set sandbox and swing on the site, and for older children will be suitable games of ball, badminton, frisbee.

If financial opportunities allow, buy a full-fledged children’s play complex. Talented dads can make a playground for a child with their hands. Many children dream of their own treehouse or gazebo. Outside the competition trampoline, he is welcome and adults and children.

Picnics and trekking on the Leto River

is a time for picnics and hikes. It is not necessary to make heavy marching throws for long distances. Picnic in the garden or on the nearest lawn is a great way to have fun and usefully. Children not only walk, but explore new places. Tell them about the plants and trees of this area, admire nature and enjoy the moment.

With middle and older children, you can go to the forest for berries or mushrooms.

You can also organize a family photo shoot in nature.

No hot summer in the village is done without swimming in the river or lake. Do not deny your children this joy, go with them to the river. The main thing is to observe the safety rules and do not release the kids on the body of water without accompanying adults.

If there is no good body of water nearby, install a pool on the site. Now on sale a huge number of inflatable and frame pools for children and adults of all sizes and configurations.

Biking is a good way to spend the summer usefully. It is not only a fun, but also a healthy activity.

Help Grandma

Engage children in labor, let them help grandmother with economic affairs to the best of their strength. Toddlers can pick fruit and berries, and older children can work on the vegetable garden.

Pets care is very useful for the comprehensive development of a child. In the village, a toddler can “get acquainted” with chickens and ducks, pet furry rabbits or feed a goat. In this uncunning way children understand the world in all its diversity, learn to appreciate and cherish the living nature.

Grandmother – needlewoman and master can teach grandchildren to embroidery or bake delicious pies, and grandfather to teach the basics of carpentry or go fishing with them.

Creativity and self-development

Even resting in the village from urban worries and anxieties, do not forget about the development of the child. Board games, reading and creative classes (drawing, sculpting, music) must be present in the children’s schedule.

Draw with your child a landscape or still life, ask him to depict life in the village.

On rainy days you can collect puzzles or watch cartoons. It is not worth children in the village to completely deprive familiar gadgets, just give them out for a certain time. When active in nature, children will not want to spend much time on the computer.


Summer can find many new friends. Let the child get acquainted with the village children or neighbors in the country. Sometimes the “summer reception” develops into a strong friendship for years to come.

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