How to make an angel out of tinfoil;

You’ll need
  • – foil
  • – plastic
  • – toothpick
  • – glue
  • – thread
  • – scissors
  • – blunt pencil

Cut a circle of foil with a diameter of 9 cm and bend without breaking the fold. In the middle, tap the circle with a toothpick and stick it to the foil. Cut the triangle with the arcuate bottom and stick it, in the middle of the semicircle silver side outwards.


Make your head out of pink plastic, and of black – eyes and mouth. Rectangle foil cut into hair strips. Stick your eyes, mouth and hair to your head. And then stick your head in a tinfoil toothpick to turn out an angel.


Cut two more circles out of foil. Print and cut the scheme, attach it to the fold of the folded double circle of foil and cut.


Optional cut the shirt and stick on top of the silhouette of the angel so, so that the silver side of the shirt is on top of gold. Put the figure on a soft cloth and in a blunt pencil sell the pattern of the face and hands. On the back of the angel, stick a thread and hang to the chandelier.

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