Choosing a trampoline for child

Trampoline jumps not only give children a lot of pleasure, but also promote their health by developing coordination, strengthening leg muscles and normalizing breathing systems and circulatory.

Inflatable trampolines

Today on the market of children’s products is a wide range of frame and inflatable trampolines for home and street. Inflatable trampolines are bright coloured figures with inflatable walls and a jumping surface. They are inflated using an electric pump, which is usually supplied in the kit.

Inflatables are very liked by children, who can not only jump on them, but also fun to climb. Air-pumped trampolines are safe because they are equipped with walls, rather than too springy the surface does not allow high jumps. However, similar designs fit the smallest. Older children prefer more elastic and high jumps, which can be performed on a frame trampoline.

Frame trampolines

Frame trampolines compared to inflatable are less bright and not suitable for curling and running, but the springing surface of durable polypropylene allows you to make high jumps. In order to prevent injuries in case of accidental fall from the frame trampoline, a special net is installed around the projectile. Thanks to its installation, the product will be safe for young children as well.

Whatever size and appearance of a trampoline, when playing on projectile children adults must be present nearby, even if a net is installed and there are safety handrails.

The frame trampoline is more durable than inflatable, and the cost of it is much lower. The polypropylene surface and steel frame are more resistant to mechanical damage than plastic.

The size of trampoline The

diameter of children’s trampolines starts from 90 cm. The larger this indicator, the greater the weight load the trampoline is able to withstand. But also in small products it is 50-90 kg, which makes it possible to use it by a teenager and even an adult person.

There are still so-called mini trampolines. These compact home simulators can be bought for installation in a small room of a small apartment, without difficulty.

Mini trampolines are multifunctional. Toddler moms can use them as a balancing board or step platform.

The diameter of the jumping canvas of the product varies within one meter. This trampoline is equipped with a comfortable handle, which allows you to jump on it even one year old crumb.

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