11 games with kids that will make their childhood unforgettable

Cooking together

 Not every parent dares to involve a child in the cooking process. After all, this is likely to be followed by a grand cleaning of the kitchen. But the child will definitely be delighted. Especially if he was called to cook his favorite biscuits, pizza or ice cream.

It’s possible to go further and attract a small cooker to select in-store foods for a future edible masterpiece. In addition, children will be interested not just to knead the dough or spread the filling, but also to decorate the finished dish with cream, chocolate chips, confectionery sprinkles.

Family Picnic

Family Picnic is a great opportunity to spend time in nature by the whole family. You can arrange it in some new, uncharted location or choose a park nearby, or even sit in the courtyard of your own house. The main thing is that everything else is real: big basket with goodies, cozy plaid, comfortable clothes. At the picnic you can take photos, play movable games. It is also easy to combine with hiking or cycling.

Chemical experiments

On children will make a lasting impression various explosions, eruptions and other visual chemical reactions that can be spend at home. There are plenty of recipes on the internet for making volcanoes from soda, artificial snow, rainbow milk and other fun things. All the items you need are usually easy to find in every home or buy from the store.

Night Marathon

Changing into pyjamas, do not send children to bed, and arrange for them a night marathon of games. Depending on the age of younger family members, choose entertainment in which everyone is able to take part. You can also add a touch of excitement by coming up with interesting prizes for the winners. For this purpose, cute trinkets, sweets and even extra time to watch TV or computer games will be perfect.


meet fears

sooner or later you need to look into the eyes of your fears. May close people be nearby at this point. Also, the boldness of adults is sure to serve as a positive example for children. Invite the child to do something together that you or he has always feared. Become each other’s support in this exciting moment: climb together to the top of a mountain, ride an extreme attraction or sing together at a karaoke contest.

Arts and Crafts Day

Prepare at home a free table and arrange an art day for the child. Lap figures made of salted dough, fold figures made of paper, decorate picture frames, weave beautiful bracelets. Create creations that can be worn, used for decor in the house, or used for other needs. So these items will remind you of the happy moments of joint activity.

Family album

Create together an album of memories. It can consist of photos, receipts, tickets, postcards, stuffed flowers. The main thing is that all these things relate to some important and enjoyable events related to your family. Years later, you will be able to cast a self-made album together and return to the joyful minutes of the past.

Tourist in their town

Most people are used to travel outside their places of residence. And moves in a familiar environment are usually limited to visits to shops and entertainment centers. Get rid of these stereotypes and suggest a child become tourists in his hometown. Find places in it where you haven’t been yet, study them, share experiences. You will find that behind interesting discoveries, sometimes, it is not necessary to go for three nine lands.

Magic tricks

Invite the child to try his hand at the role of magician. Teach him uncomplicated magic tricks: bending a spoon, vanishing a coin, or the ability to magnetise objects. Videos with a detailed demonstration of the techniques of performing tricks can be found on the Internet. And if each family member learns some magic trick, you can arrange a home performance.

Talent Show

Talent Show is fun entertainment for the whole family. Invite each of the householders to perform an interesting number and demonstrate their abilities. For example, children can sing, dance, tell poems, show tricks, and adults remember forgotten skills, like a rack on their head or spin hulahup.

Herbal garden

Instilling a child’s love of nature and interest in a healthy lifestyle will help gardening on the windowsill. This does not require a cottage or a homestead. It is enough to plant in a small box or flower pot the seeds of any herbaceous plants – parsley, thyme, cilantro, basil, sage, dill, mint. Let the child participate and help at all stages, from seed selection to watering and regular care. When he has the first crop of his own in his plate, the young gardener will be truly proud of his achievement.

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