What a dog bite could be


specific liability option largely depends on exactly how events occurred, how severe the victim suffered. Typically, in most cases, the owner of the dog has to pay compensation to the injured person and a fine to the state. Examples of such cases suggest that in case of personal injuries the amount of compensation can reach one million rubles and above, the amount of fine in favor of the state — up to one hundred thousand.

In determining the measure of responsibility the court will necessarily take into account all the nuances of the situation, which will determine the article of the charge. In some cases, it can be negligent injury — for example, if the owner didn’t follow the dog, it ran out of the yard and bit someone. There is no criminal or administrative liability in this case, the victim can only expect compensation for the damage caused. And quite another situation where the dog was deliberately foiled on someone, in which case its owner could face real imprisonment.

If you are affected by a dog bite, it is necessary to go to the hospital where you will not only receive medical attention, but also document the presence of damage. With a certificate from a medical institution, you can already contact the police. It is very desirable to have witnesses of the incident capable of confirming your words. If there were no witnesses and the owner of the dog refuses to admit the fact of incident, it will be difficult to prove anything.

The application can be submitted to your local police officer, but practice shows that in many cases this is not the best option, and the claim for damages should be filed with the next instance. In this case, there will be a better chance of the case reaching court. It should be known that, in addition to direct reparation, the victim has the right to compensation for moral damage. Moreover, if dog bites entailed temporary incapacity, the owner of the animal can pay the victim also the sum of the unpaid salary.

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