How to get a discount on the road penalty

Amendments made to the Administrative Code will come into force as of January 1, 2013. If the driver violated traffic rules and the inspector of dorozhno – patrol service filled the report on imposing an administrative penalty, the driver has the right to receive a discount of 50%. To do this, you just need to apply to the nearest branch of the bank accepting payments from the population and pay half the amount of the fine. You can only do this within 10 days from the date of execution of the protocol.

Currently, in case of traffic violations, the driver has the right to pay a fine within 40 days. The Administrative Offense Order shall enter into force only after 10 days from the moment of the violation. Another 30 days given for payment of the issued penalty.

The changes to the Administrative Offences Code are designed for bona fide drivers willing to admit guilt without litigation. Drivers who are not prepared to pay within 10 days and plan to challenge the protocol issued by the traffic safety inspector for a discount when paying the fine cannot qualify.

Today the maximum fine is 5000 rubles. If you receive a 50% discount, drivers who have violated the rules of the road can save their personal budget substantially.

Prior to the adoption of amendments, often the fine for traffic violations settled in the pocket of the traffic police inspector and most often the driver paid without any protocol exactly half of the price violation of the amount. With the introduction of amendments to the Administrative Code, such cases could be completely eliminated. The violator will know about his rights and will not offer a bribe to the inspector.

In addition, the changes made will help drivers fully realize that punishment for traffic violations is inevitable, but timely payment of the issued fine helps significantly save.

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