How to file an NDFL if sold to a machine

You will need
  • the Declaration Program.

Find the Declaration download file on the Internet and install it as a regular program on your computer.


By running the installed program on the desktop, select the declaration type “3-NDFL” and fill in the suggested items in the “Filling conditions” tab: Select tax inspection number from the proposed list, indicate the sign of the taxpayer “other natural person”, etc. in order. Irrelevant fields skip.


In the “Information about the declarant” tab, enter your personal data: TIN, passport data, registration address. Select the OKATO code from the list.


Next tab to be filled in “Revenues received in the Russian Federation”. Check the box next to the 13% field. In the field “source of payments” you need to enter the details of the buyer of your car. You miss the rest of the fields.


Click the Income Information tab, specify the income code and the expense code from the drop-down list. In the next step, specify the amount of income after the sale of the car and the month when the income was received.


All other fields do not need to be filled in this case. Don’t forget to attach a copy of the sales contract. If you send a declaration by mail, make a list of attachments, sign and send the declaration by registered letter.

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