How and what can punish citizens under the law

Know, but violate

 Often citizens, knowing about violations such as crossing the street in an unlaid place, speeding when driving a car, etc., all the same violate them. Someone is in a hurry, and someone is hoping for an avos. But there are violations that people commit almost daily because they just don’t know about them.

What is forbidden by law

Russians like to walk around nicely, noisily, with the launch of fireworks. What without it, for example, New Year’s Eve? But not everyone knows how or where they can be launched. According to the rules, it is not possible to launch fireworks from loggias, balconies and roofs. And also in those places where nearby there are fire hazardous objects (gas pipelines, power transmission). The railways pass. It is not possible to set off fireworks at night, breaking the permitted noise level. For these violations can impose a fine of 1.5 thousand rubles.

People get rid of garbage on a daily basis. Not everyone knows that not all sorts of waste can be thrown into trash cans. The law prohibits even putting construction waste, household appliances, furniture near them. For this purpose there are special organizations that deal with the removal of such garbage. The tanks contain only household garbage size (volume) not more than 0.75 cubic meters. For violation can face a fine of up to 2 thousand rubles. Legal entities will be punished more strictly – 100 thousand rubles.

Now many people keep dogs in apartments. A 10-12 year old child can often be seen walking their pet. Under the law of the Russian Federation it is also a violation Only after a child turns 14 does he have the right to do so. Reservations exist in several regions of the country. In these areas (Sverdlovsk region) children are forbidden to walk only those dogs that pose a danger to those around them. The fine also depends on the region (1-2 thousand).

The following bans concern car owners. The owner of the car knows that there is a ban on washing the car in the yards of residential buildings. But if the owner would wash it at his house, he could also be fined for it. Cleansers damage the environment by polluting the soil. It is especially important if the cottage is located next to a body of water or forest strip. If law enforcement agencies learn about it, they can punish with a fine.

There’s another ban that not all motorists know about. One of the traffic laws (item 17.2) prohibits drivers from warming up the engine of their car in a residential area. It is not possible to leave a car with the engine on if it is located, for example, near the entrance of an apartment building. This ban for a northern country may seem odd, but it does exist.


Often some laws seem ridiculous to people. But these are laws and they should be known not to get into a nasty situation and not lose their money.

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