Why can brake the internet

Reasons for slow internet connection may depend on the user itself or on the ISP. In the second case, it’s about cable gusts, the poor performance of equipment installed in your home, and all sorts of preventative work. To fix these problems, you need to contact the provider itself, as they are all within its competence.

However, the rest of the difficulties you may well cope on your own. Consider these difficulties in more detail.


On the Internet spread a lot of spies, “trojans” and other malware, which in the worst way affect the speed of the connection. They can integrate into the browser, use the Internet channel, monitor your actions, etc. Therefore, the computer must have an antivirus installed with current databases.


Internet often retards due to antivirus programs and their network screens. The information is checked on the fly, so the connection speed drops. In this case, you can disable the network screen and check the speed. If it increases, it is worth thinking about changing the settings of the antivirus or changing it.

Network programs and add-ons

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Software for downloading information, for talking and texting, browser add-ons — all this also reduces the speed of the Internet. So it’s worth wondering if you really need all these add-ins giving information that often turns out to be not at all necessary.

The operating system

Sometimes the problem lies in the system installed on the computer. Especially when it comes to all sorts of assemblies — they can bring the user difficulty getting an IP address, installing drivers on a network map, etc.

Incorrect configuration wireless equipment

If you go online via a wireless router, there is a possibility that your network is used by neighbors. You don’t need to have any special skills for such a connection. In this regard, it is necessary to encrypt the data and customize the router more carefully. So, you can turn on the filter by MAC addresses by spelling out all your devices in it.

Many use the 3G modem. Its antenna must be at a certain level — otherwise the speed will be low. Connect this modem not at the back of the system unit, but at the front: this will allow you to receive the signal freely. If this cannot be done, use the extension cord and position you can at the monitor.

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