How to use google analytics




Google Analytics will allow different categories of people who have their own business on the internet to assess the market in more detail. In this way, managers of firms can get information about the most effective marketing tools and trends in Internet resource attendance, and marketing professionals can learn about where visitors most often come to the site and what you need to do to make guests turn into customers.


Website developers can increase the attendance of their own resources also with the help of the information received. Google Analytics information will help answer questions “why are people leaving the site?” , “which pages best hold the visitor?” etc.


To start working with Google Analytics, you will need to add special code to your site to start tracking the dynamics visits. To do this, create an account on the Google Analytics website using the appropriate registration form. After that, through the “Sign in” option, sign in to your account and move to the “Administrator” tab. For the “Account” and “Resource” columns, specify your site and click on the “Tracking Code” button.


Copy the given tag … to the page of your site into the section . The code would have to look like this:

Google Analytics code


Save the changes to the resource and wait 24 hours to activate the statistics on the Google site.


Days after installing the code, go again to the “Administrator” tab of your account. Go to the “Goals” section and click “Create Target”. Following the step-by-step instructions, define the parameters for using analytical data, and then click Save. You can also use the Templates section to select ready-made settings.


After a while, you will be able to view reports through the relevant categories in your Google Analytics personal account. Switching between tabs and site features, view your site’s metrics. The Google Analytics setup is complete.

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