How to return a stolen account


Try to regain control of your lost account. If attackers have taken possession of your profile, a normal password change can help return it. Search the “Password Recovery” button on the site and follow these instructions. Often, when registering with a password, you are asked to enter a secret question as well as an answer to it. Remember it and specify it in the appropriate field. If you have specified an additional postal address when registering, you can get a new password on it.


Restore your account if you made it to your cell phone. To do this, select the appropriate item in the menu of the site and follow the instructions. Your phone number will receive a special code that you will need to enter to get a new temporary password for the page. If the attackers have taken possession of your SIM card or have access to it, contact your mobile operator to block the number and then restore the SIM card.


Contact the resource technical support team for help. Describe under what conditions you lost access to your account. Some sites suggest filling out a special form to speed up access recovery procedure. After a while, a reply will come to the mailing address you specified with further instructions for recovery.


Set a new password as soon as access to your account is restored. It should be complex enough to further avoid a repeat of the burglary situation. Use uppercase and capital letters, as well as numbers and other characters. Password length must be at least 8-10 characters.


Do not store the password in public access on your computer and it is better not to write it down on paper. It’s ideal to keep the password in your head, but if you’re still worried you’ll forget it, store it in places hard to reach other people.

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