How to restore all conversations and correspondence to WhatsApp?


 To start, you don’t need to rush and clean up the old device – it will be necessary to create a backup on it in the application, that is all surviving correspondence. And doing it isn’t that hard.

All data will be stored in the Google Drive cloud service on which you need to have an account. To register here, you only need to enter a mobile phone number, confirm it and come up with a password for your account.

After you need to go to the messenger and then to theMenutab. Then selectSettingsand then go toChats.

On the page that opens, you need to select “Backup Chats”.

It is only necessary to select the interval for updates (you can select any other thanNever).

Then opens a window with all available e-mail addresses, from them you need to select the available one. If you do not have a Google Drive account, you must click on “Add Account” and enter all the data from it.

To save traffic, you can click on the “Use“button to select a network – mobile or wireless.

Data recovery

Now you can move to a new device. After installing the messenger with Google Play or App Store, you must enter your phone number to which your WhatApp account is bound.

Typically, the program automatically finds a backup and prompts you to resume working with previously written chats with with the words “Found a backup of the chat”. You only need to click on the green button “Restore”.

The process itself can be long or fast – it depends on the speed of internet connection and the amount of information, previously saved in the backup. After completing the operation, you can continue working by clicking on the “Next” button after all the congratulations of the messenger.

How to remove a backup from Google Drive?

To keep a backup from taking up already a bit of cloud space on Google Drive, you can remove it. To do this, you need to go to the cloud service and then go to the “Backups” tab.

It remains only to select from the list the desired application, clamp it (right click if the deletion occurs with computer), select the “Delete Backup” window. After that, it’s left to wait a little while the surgery takes place and everything will be ready.

In this way, you can easily restore all your conversations and chats on a new device. The only drawback is that the backup does not save media files, which means attachments with pictures, videos or other applications with extensions will not be available and the recovery, unfortunately, is not subject.

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