How to restore all conversations and correspondence to Viber?



 order for all conversations to be saved, a backup must be done in advance. It hardly takes much time to create it, as it is done very quickly.

So, to create it, you need to go to the “More“tab, where the user profile will be displayed, go to the bottom of the page, and then click on the “Settings” button .

Next, go to the “Account” page.

The last thing left to do is click on “Backup”.

Messenger will offer to save all text data (pictures and media files will not be saved) on the cloud service Google Drive. And if an account exists on this service, then click on the “No connection to Google Disk” window. If the account is missing, it can very easily be started separately.

In the window that opens, you will either open the address of the existing mail or the option “Add Account”.


‘s easy to get your personal space on Google Drive. You only need to enter and confirm your mobile phone number and come up with your password

After you enter all the data, a window will appear with the requests that you want to resolve.

A new page opens, where you want to click on “Make Backup”, and after the download starts. Nothing else has to do, only wait for the end of the copying process.

Recovery process

Depending on the situation, the messenger can either offer to recover the data itself, or it will have to be transferred independently.

In the first case, everything is easy enough. After entering the mobile phone number and confirming it, first the page with conversations will be opened, and then the window offering to restore the correspondence. In this case, click onRestore Now.

Then the download will begin, after which all text messages will be in place.

But sometimes Viber does not offer to automatically reproduce the recovery, and then you need to do it yourself. First, you must go again tothe Tutorial Recordtab and then toBackup.

Next, click on the now available button “Restore”.

Recover all previously saved content on Google Disk will begin, but pictures and videos, third party applications will be unavailable and unfortunately not reinstable. Again, it is only necessary to wait for the end of the download of all the data, which time depends on the speed of the Internet and the number of

In this way, you can easily transfer all your conversations and correspondence from an old smartphone to a new one without losing text data.

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