How to recognize a lochotron on the internet

Always look very closely at the site of the supposed “lochotron”. There are several distinctive features by which it can be calculated that the case smells like kerosene.

The most noticeable signs of fraud in the network

On the websites of fraudsters usually can’t find negative reviews. Therefore, comments or guest book may be closed after posting some number of specially written positive reviews. Sometimes comments are open to the view, but only their author and the owner of the site can see such comments. To understand who you’re dealing with, try leaving a neutral comment, then go through another browser and try to find it. If you don’t see it, chances are a scammers site in front of you.

It is

not always worth evaluating the reliability of a resource by site design. Quite often useful sites don’t care about actual design. Many “lochotrons” now order good design from professionals.

The lifespan of the project can be a great marker. If the site says it’s been around for several years and has helped a dozen people during that time, you can see if that’s the case. To do this, check the registration date of the domain of the suspicious site. You need to copy the address of the site and use the service at
If the author of the site claims that the project is several years old and the domain is registered for a couple of months. backwards, the conclusion begs itself.

The promise of quick profit, too, usually suggests that there are scammers in front of you. It is understandable that making quick and big money is very unlikely. Recently very popular sites telling how to win roulette from the casino. Generally, they specify specific online casinos, which are often the authors and “sponsors” of such sites.

Trust your intuition, if you have the slightest doubt, do not get involved in such an enterprise.

Search for contacts and reviews on the Internet The

absence of contacts on the site most often suggests that there is a lochotron in front of you. Usually, in the “contacts” section on the site, only e-mail is provided. If there are contacts, it is best to contact and even meet the owner of the site in person, especially if it is supposed to contribute some seed capital.

If you haven’t found reviews on the site itself, try searching for comments via Yandex. If you’ve met lots of negative comments, chances are a cheater in front of you. If there are few negative reviews, it’s likely all right. Unless, of course, other suspicious details are missing.

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