How to protect yourself from spam


Be sure to create 2 email addresses. Use one for business and personal correspondence, and the second for registration on various websites and public information.


Never leave your email address in the public domain: comments, social media and other public places.


Try to show ingenuity by coming up with a sonorous name for an electronic box. Typically spammers create mailings on the most popular and simple logins.


Never write an email in pure form. For example, you can quite successfully get rid of extra spam by replacing the @ sign with the acronym at.


Very often spammers hack too simple user passwords and on their behalf make viral mailings on the address book. So that doesn’t happen, use as complex passwords as possible to increase the level of protection against hacking.


After receiving a letter of advertising nature, do not reply to it or follow the links contained therein. With these actions, you can provoke a spammer to a new wave of advertising, showing that the email address is used.


Install special filters on your box that automatically remove spam mailings.

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