How to play Warhammer 40000


To play Warhammer 40000, choose the easiest and most intuitive race of the game — CosmoDant. From the beginning of the game, hire scouts and send them to scout and capture strategic points. Build a barracks and call the spaceborne squads. Equip the fighters with heavy weapons and under the leadership of the hero attack the enemy. Meanwhile develop your base and call in armored vehicles and new troops. Collect from heavy infantry and tanks a shock fist and methodically destroy enemy positions, not forgetting to drop diversionary units in its rear.


The game for the Imperial Guard is fundamentally different. Starting to develop your base, continuously build up the number of troops. Equip them with mortars and easel bolters. Strengthen captured strategic points and build bunkers. In addition, having reached the right level of development, call tanks and artillery pieces. Strike a hail of shells on the enemy, then send into battle numerous infantry, continuously supporting it with fire.


Playing Warhammer 40000 for Tau, immediately develop on two lines: build battlecruits and hire shooters tau. Kruuts, useless in a shootout, are excellent in hand-to-hand, and tau are equally weak in hand-to-hand combat, as effective at distance. Don’t expect to develop your base, Tau units outnumber almost all races early in the game. Send kruuts to melee, in order to tie the enemy with a fight. Tau shooters at this time must shoot the enemy using their infantry and equipment.


Entering the game for the Orcs, just build as many fighters as possible. All the tactics here are to pile on a bunch and tear up the opponent. So try to get your fighters involved only in melee, where their strength and quantity are crucial. Use their shooters and tanks only to fight enemy equipment and support their troops in crucial moments of battle.


Starting the game for the Eldars, use the speed and stealth of this race. Mask built buildings and build teleports – stargate. Use deceptive maneuvers to lure enemy troops off the base, then teleport troops there and destroy defenseless structures. When the enemy returns, hide the troops or return them to your base.


Playing as Chaos, match the tactics of the Cosmolanding with those of the Imperial Guard. Hire crowds of cultists who will serve as human shields for cosmolanding chaos. Let demonic space paratroopers shoot enemies bogged down in hand-to-hand with cultists. Once they are defeated, throw the spaceborne and his armored vehicles in hand-to-hand, periodically calling demons on the battlefield and plunging enemy soldiers into panic.


Playing for Necrons also has its own features. They cannot be frightened, and their units although distinguished by a slight longevity compensate for this with destructive force. As necron troops move slowly, form several attacking waves. As soon as the first wave of attack exhales, enter into battle the coming second wave, slowly but steadily milling out the ranks of the enemy to its base.

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