How to play for paladin


Starting to play as a paladin, open the character window and select the abilities that will determine his development aside the use of magic or weapons. After that, choose auras that will constantly support your hero. Go to perform quests and with the proceeds equip your paladin with heavy armor and suitable weapons.


Fighting the hero of the Druid class, engage with him in hand-to-hand combat, using protective auras or spells. Once the druid stops to restore health with spells, don’t let him do it and constantly attack. In the end, deprived of the ability to heal, the enemy will be destroyed by your continuous attacks.


Joining in a duel with a Magician class player, activate all the protective auras and spells to survive his first, most powerful, attack. Do not try to defeat him in a magical duel, but attack in melee when the attack of the magician exhales. At this point, without wasting time, try to strike at least a few blows, which will be enough to take the magician out of the game.


When you meet the Hunter class, use the magical abilities of your hero. Activate protection and attack an enemy pet that will block your way to your host. Fighting in hand-to-hand with a pet, occasionally throw fighting spells in the hunter. Ending one enemy, proceed to destroy another. If the hunter tries to run away from you, just finish it with spells at a distance.


Starting a battle with the Shaman class, attack his totems while simultaneously throwing battle spells at the enemy. When the enemy heaps wolves on you, turn on all available protection and wait for the attack. After that, destroy the totems and go to kill the defenseless shaman.


When you meet the class Knight of Death on your way, stay away from it so that the creatures caused by it run to you alone. Exterminate his servants with weapons, using all spells on the enemy hero. When it inevitably reaches your paladin, enter the battle, relying on your defense and ability to heal. If you do everything right, fighting a spell-worn enemy won’t give you a hassle.

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