How to play CS with a hacksock


To play with a knife in the CS, remember that the knife can have two kinds of blows. The first is right-click and strike a strong but slow blow. The second view will work when you click the left mouse button. This kind of attack does less damage, but is carried out much faster, making it the most common.


The easiest way to strike is to sneak up on an opponent from behind. To do this, turn on the motion in the oath and approach the opponent from the back closely. Take aim at the head and strike the first blow that will cause guaranteed death. Another option is when you and the opponent see each other. Follow the run-hit-and-run tactics. Press forward and close to the enemy. Strike and immediately run back so that the enemy’s return will fall into the void. And immediately again throw at the enemy, striking and withdrawing until you win.


Another option is more complex and requires experience. Run towards the enemy and at the moment of meeting press the jump key and then stab. In this case, hitting the enemy will have to you in the legs and take away little health from you, while your hit will likely have to it in the head, causing critical damage. But if the enemy runs away from you, throw behind him with quick blows that will slow him down. At least a few of them, but will achieve the goal and, as a rule, it is enough to end the enemy.


If you are attacked with a knife during the game, do not run, and do not run back, but bounce aside to fall out of sight of the enemy, and immediately tear forward, running up to it and striking. During the duel, jump around it (clamping the jump keys and moves sideways) and strike, alternating strong with fast ones.


In addition, one of the most difficult but effective tactics is to run forward and jump to the opponent regurgitating the distance. During the jump, press the key to sit down, and after landing, you will find yourself at a very different level than the enemy expects. Winning time, strike him in the stomach and chest, but remember that a return kick can come right in your head, instantly taking you out of the game.

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