How to make money on TikTok: multiple ways

Track ads

 Unfortunately, TikTok does not offer earnings to its users based on a direct affiliate program like YouTube does, for example. This is due to the small duration of each video and, accordingly, the absence of a large number of advertising banners. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to earn here. Bloggers with relatively few subscribers and a steady audience will be able to capitalize on TikTok in other ways.

Often little-known artists turn to bloggers on TikTok with requests to shoot small videos for their track.

In most cases, this has a positive effect on the popularity of the track by the artist whose title is in the description for the video. Prices for this type of advertising vary greatly. A blogger with more than 50 thousand subscribers usually sets a price from 5 thousand rubles per video.

Live airwaves

If the profile garners a thousand or more subscribers, TikTok opens up the possibility to conduct live broadcasts on it. In the settings of the social network there is a section for buying coins. You can buy 100 coins for 75 rubles minimum. For this currency you can buy stickers and send them to the blogger who conducts the broadcast.

A blogger can withdraw 80% of the value to the card. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $10.

An unlimited amount of funds can be earned on live airwaves. For example, a well-known player of the online game King of Glory from China named Men Lei earned $167,000 from one stream on TikTok. On its broadcast, 22 million people sat at the same time. This is the record number of viewers of a single broadcast on TikTok.

Advertising brands

Bloggers with 10-20 thousand subscribers or more can turn to a certain brand with business offer to advertise the product. Coca-Cola and other similar brands are actively pursuing similar collaborations with bloggers.

It’s easiest to find a brand or company that needs collaboration with bloggers on Instagram. The type of advertising can be different – in the form of native signs in the corner or in the form of direct participation of the product in the script to the video. You can agree a fixed monthly payment amount or payment from the number of videos, views, or subscribers.

Earnings vary greatly and depend on direct from the advertiser and on the number of subscribers on the account, the activity of viewers. For a single promotional video, a blogger can get between $200 and $20,000.

To avoid modifying a script in a video, you can stream a promotional product during a live broadcast. Coverage will be smaller, but the audience will be much more active in accepting the sponsor of the video blogger.

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