How to make feints in NHL


Fint in sports is an unusual reception, allowing at the expense of surprise and breaking the pattern to embarrass the opponent, get the game advantage and implement it (score a goal, hold a throw, etc). Fint in NHL games – a combination of keys that allows you to beat an opponent and score a goal or start a spectacular attack.


Separation of feints can be done on preset (typical, standard, developed by NHL creators) and exclusive, invented by top players at online championships. On the keyboard, the number of feints is limited. Gamepads and joysticks allow to significantly expand the arsenal of the cyber-athlete. The gaming input devices themselves can be divided into two large groups: with and without “kurki”. Kurki, which are often referred to as “analogues”, allow to give direction to the putter during impact, to use more flexible techniques.


Starting with the NHL09 version, players are available for a fairly simple but useful Push Pack (“Pushing through”). In the course of execution, the puck flies forward, on the player’s move of your team’s attack, and the putter makes a false move to the side, embarrassing the opposing defenders. Press Tab + S on the keyboard; use “square” and double movement of the curves right-left. Or press the upper extra keys along with O on the joysticks of the old pattern (without analogues).


Beautiful fint “turnpike”, “reversal” allows you to cover the puck with the body and punch heavily on the goal after turning 360 degrees around its axis. Keykey on keyboard in simulators NHL05-NHL08 – S, on gamepad without curves – double press on O, with jackets – circular motion of both analogs at the same time. In later versions, the value of the feint on the joysticks is preserved, the keyboard requires simultaneous pressing of Tab and A for spectacular reception.


There are also a kind of “feints” applied in defense, not in possession of the puck. Their goal is to select or save a goal from the opposing forwards. Tab + E on the keyboard, a “triangle” with the movement of the right kurk towards the player with the puck (or triangle with two lower keys) will allow the defender of your team to fall and literally” scratch out” the game projectile with a putter.

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