How to make a safe purchase in an online shop

You will need
  • a computer, laptop, tablet (smartphone) from which you go online; browser.

Never use payment services and do not enter personal accounts of the Internet bank if you are online via unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. Attackers can intercept the data transmitted over the channel.


Before making a purchase in a new store for you, read the reviews about im on the internet, see if he has official social media pages.


Don’t trust stores hosted on free hosting (such as ucoz and similar), the address of the site should be a kind of, not On the site check when the domain was created and up to what period was paid.


If you received a letter allegedly from the bank (asking you to go to the office and change your password, transfer your data to the site again, because they were lost as a result of some database failure or something like that), then never enter any data using the from the letter. And it’s better not to click on these links at all – most likely they lead to fake sites. For all explanations, please contact the bank personally. And in general, do not click on links in emails, posts in social networks, advertising on unknown sites.


Check the address of the site being viewed (especially before you start make out a purchase): fake sites completely copy the appearance of the originals, and their address may have typos (or generally meaningless sets of letters). It is advisable to type the addresses of the sites known to you manually.


Better if the online store uses a secure connection: in full the address instead of http costs https and snaps. If you click on the clicks in the address bar of the browser, you can find out the information about the holder of the secured connection certificate.


Use for online purchases a separate card and do not keep on it lots of funds.

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