How to make a link short

You will need
  • – computer;
  • – internet access.



service of short links can significantly facilitate work with blogs, forums, news sites where there is a restriction per amount of text. You can also rename links to non-favorable or specialized Internet resources to others that you think are more appropriate.


Such links will be useful for your online microblogging service – Twitter, in which the message has a valid limit of 140 characters along with spaces. A long link can make a message unsent, so it will have to be broken down into 2 messages. Other microblogging services usually should not exceed the message length of 160 characters – this length has a standard sms message.


In some cases, it is necessary to hide affiliate links because about 20 per cent of users are “trimmed”, and because of this, do not affiliate remuneration is paid. If you promote any affiliate program, with short links you will be able to increase your profit by about 20 percent.


The principle of creating short links is very simple. First copy the long link to the browser bar that you want to reduce. To do this, select it and right-click, select Copy from the context menu.


Paste the copied url address into the window on the main page of the short link service. Then press the enter button to the left or right of that window, or simply press Enter on your computer keyboard. The desired short link will appear below.


One of the Russian-language short links services is the resource Speed-Tester.Info. Go to, where the short link/redirect service and anonymous link generator is located. Enter the long url in the appropriate field.


In the following field, enter the desired short name masking the long link. If its name doesn’t matter to you, skip this step. Then enter a security code – the sum of the specified numbers by digits. Click the Create Link button. After that, among the generated options, choose the one you like better.

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