How to get acquainted in Vkontakte;

You will need
  • – personal page Vkontakte;
  • – quality photo on the avatar;
  • – open and complete information about you;
  • – ability to conduct laid-back on-line conversation.

First, take care of careful design of your page. On the avatar you should look if not flawless, then at least neat and natural. Qualitative photos – not a problem in our time, and to find a professional photographer for a photo shoot you can here – Vkontakte. It will be better if for the first time a girl sees you amid a beautiful landscape or gym, rather than over a glass of beer or against an old-fashioned carpet background.


Second, edit the section with information about yourself. By filling in the fields of the questionnaire and your tastes, addictions and interests, you will save time to tell about it and make an impression open to communication of the person.


Third, keep an eye on the wall of your page. Better open it up for public viewing. But it should not be left on it hopeless, too romantic or, conversely, messy records that can push the opposite sex away. More good humour and positive attitude – it will draw you not only the attention of the opposite sex, but also good luck.


Fourth, choosing a girl to meet, evaluate not only her appearance and figure, but also information about her, a list of her friends. If a single girl “on active search” has too many male friends, it may well be that she collects them. Analyze the records on her wall, they can tell a lot about her values, dreams, aspirations. Read the information about the girl, so you’ll understand what she likes, what she favors. Perhaps it will give you a clue where she would be better asked out.


Fifthly, communication itself is important. Don’t start it with pardoneless and brazen sentences or with an abundance of voluminous compliments. Be natural, open and benevolent. This will set the girl up for communication. Don’t rebar with humor as well as compliments. Rapture should be in moderation, and even less should not belittle your own dignity.


In sixth, feel confident. That’s what depends on whether your online communication will be natural, relaxed and enjoyable. Tell about yourself, but mainly pay attention to her – be interested in her inner world, her interests and dreams, her life’s problems. By becoming a friend, you can further take the place of your beloved in her heart.


Don’t overdo it with virtual communication. Don’t drag it out for too long. True love and relationships won’t work out if you’ve been chatting for three months and still hesitant to meet. Invite her to a cafe or a movie, because communication in the real world is much more interesting.

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