How to find a game without knowing the name




situation is unpleasant, but it can be handled. Use Internet search. Of course, you’ll have to spend a little more time than when looking for a familiar game, but it’s worth it. You can search according to different parameters, everything depends on what exactly you remember about the game you are interested in.


For starters, specify in the query box that you are looking for a game, not a movie or a book. Next, enter the information you know about the game. You can specify in the query which platform it was released for and in which year, as well as its genre. If you remember the name of the developer, part of the game title, name of the main character or other characters of the game, specify them as well This will make it much easier to search.


Do not need to open every resource found on request. Prefer game portals and torrent trackers with a separate section for games. On such resources, the information is always systematized: game name, developer, release date, computer requirements and several screenshots from the game.


If you know that the game you need has been popular in any year, look at the game ratings. They are often made up by magazines and specialized Internet sites. The ratings describe a game plot, with trailers and screenshots often found. You will be able to “activate” your visual memory while viewing them.


In case you only remember what the game world looked like, it is better to view the search results in the photos section (e.g. Yandex − Pictures). Leave search phrases the same. When you meet a familiar photo, go to the source site and read the name of the game from which the frame is taken.


Recheck yourself by setting in the search engine the title you read. If additional photos, story description or other details have dispelled your doubts, congratulate yourself on your victory. If not, go back to the previous search criteria. Given that users are happy to share experiences about different games, finding even an unfamiliar game can be quite quick and productive.

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