How to disable activity tape


If you don’t want to see any news about your friends, just click the settings button and uncheck all checkboxes on all items . This button is shaped like a spanner and is on the main page of the user’s profile. After that, news changes will not be available to you until you change the activity tape settings again.


To disable in the activity feed news related to any particular person, click on his photo. Then hover over over one of its news stories and in the upper right corner click on the icon that appears. With the exception of your chosen friend, all other news changes will remain visible. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to talk all friends into eliminating your persona from their tape.


In order to be able to act privately on the social network, connect an additional paid service to disable the tape activity. just press the button with the image of the wrench and go to the tape settings. Look for this button on the main page of your profile.


In the window that appears, select the option to change the settings of the activity tape, and then confirm its disabling. After that, you will be provided with information about the cost of this service in currency “Odnoklassniki – OKI If there is enough money on your personal account in the social network, then simply confirm your consent to payment and click “Disable. If Okov isn’t enough, top up.


In addition, the Activity Tape can be turned off by clicking on the link “Disabling the Activity Tape specified below. Then enter your login and password in the authorization window, and then confirm the system request to disable the tape. To turn it back on, go to the link “Enable Activity Ribbon. Note that both URLs under these links are identical except for the last characters: “Off” for disabling and “On” for inclusion.

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