How to change the home page in WordPress

You’ll need
  • – FTP client.

The home page in WordPress is an item that displays all published entries or announcements to them. If you want to create only navigation elements and display static content, and publish a list of records to another page, go to the admin panel (http://ваш_сайт/ administrator/) and select “Pages” – “Add New”.


Enter the name of the new page and insert the necessary content. After the necessary settings, click Publish. In the same way, create another page where you want to display all the active content.


Go to Settings – Read. In the settings window that appears, select Static Page. For Home, select the name of the first page created in the previous step. For Record Page, select the second option.


To edit the template of the home page, you can also change the settings you want in the code yourself. The index.php file is responsible for the output order. Download it to your computer using the FTP client, the hosting control panel, or open it directly through the “Code Editor” in WordPress. All records are displayed in blocks

, each with a specific purpose and setting. For example,

is responsible for displaying information about the site and headers. For more information, see the engine documentation for all possible parameters. After making the changes, do not forget to download the edited file back to hosting using the FTP program.

If the home page is not displayed after the settings, check that the specified parameters are correct and refresh the page.

Depending on the engine version, the name of the mentioned settings may change.

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