How to add your site to search for free

You’ll need
  • – internet access.

Make sure your resource is ready for indexing. That is, all pages of the site must be filled with content, optimized and have permission to index (not prohibited by robots.txt file).


To simplify the process of adding a site to the search program, prepare a text document in advance with the data often encountered when registering in searchers. It should contain the name of the site, the URL of the site, a brief description of the contents of the pages, an email address, contact details.


Before registering a resource in a particular search engine, read the recommendations for adding sites to the selected system and see so that your actions don’t break their rules.


To add your website to search engines for free, follow the relevant links. By clicking the link for a particular search engine (Yandex, Google, Aport, Yahoo, Mail Gogo, Bing), simply enter your data into the suggested fields and follow the instructions of the program.


For example, if you decide to add your site to the Yandex search engine by clicking on a special link, you will see the Webmaster window, whose title is will be “Report new site”. Enter the URL of the home page of your site in the window bar and click “Add”. The remaining pages will be found automatically. You can not specify the standard http protocol. If access to the site has restrictions and is carried out by https, specify the protocol explicitly. For example:


Add the site to Yandex and Google webmasters services, offer them your site map. This way you will perform a more complete indexing of the resource. Sign up with Google Webmaster and Yandex webmaster community, add your site and then your map using the following link: By the same principle, you can register in the MSN and Yahoo webmasters service by adding your website and xml map.

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