How to add to Sims Cloth

You’ll need
  • – TS Install Helper Monkey program.

Find online and download clothing files for your version of Sims game. There are many specialized sites and forums in the network where Sims fans share their creativity, putting all kinds of additions in the public domain: furniture, plants, new characters and clothes.


Make sure that the things you like will install in your version of the program. Typically, the description of the file with the addition to Sims indicates the version of the game and possible additional requirements. There are currently three generations of this computer game: Sims, Sims 2 and Sims 3. In addition, for individual types of clothing, you may need special official additions. For example, if you want to replenish your range of autumn jackets and down jackets, you’ll need a Sims 3 Seasons add-on.


Open My Documents folder on disk C. Locate and open the Electronic ArtsThe Sims folder, which is automatically created when you install the game. At the top of the window, select New, and then click Folder. Name the new folder Downloads. In it you will put downloaded files with clothes.


Additional items for Sims are usually downloaded in archived form. Extract files from the archive and place them in the Downloads folder. Run the game. All updates must be available. If you have added new clothes, it should appear in the closets and dresser of your game characters.


Archives containing dozens or hundreds of files are easy to unpack using the special TS Install Helper Monkey program. It can also be downloaded on the game’s fan sites. Install the program on disk C, but not in the Sims folder.


Run TS Install Helper Monkey and follow further installation instructions. Find any downloaded file with clothing for Sims and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, select the Install to Sims bar. The files are unpacked into the Downloads folder and will be available the next time the game starts.

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