How to add community in “Vkontakte”

You will need
  • – registered account in the social network “Vkontakte”.

In any browser convenient for you, open the website “Vkontakte”. If the system requires you to login, enter your login and password in the corresponding windows. Your personal page will open. On the left, under the inscription “Vkontakte”, there are tabs of your profile. Click the My Groups tab and click it once.


You go to the “Communities” page where you can view your upcoming events in which you have confirmed or identified as possible , as well as a list of communities in which you belong. At the top right, find the “Create Community” button, click on it once.


In the window that appears, come up with the name of the new community and enter it in the appropriate field. The title should be invented so that from it it is clear what the topic is supposed to be in this community — it does not matter what you intend to discuss, unless it is contrary to the legislation. Extremist and pornographic materials are prohibited in the Russian Federation. Also in this window, you will be prompted to select a community organization form — whether it will be a group, a public page, or an event.


If you plan to organize a community where you intend to involve associates in interests, discuss something, exchange ideas and opinions — in this if you choose the “Group” item – it will suit you best. If in your plans to create a page with beautiful pictures, quotes from famous movies, statements of public people that people will like and drag themselves to the pages, then it will be ideal for this purpose the “Public Page” item. If you organize an event, regardless of its scale, you want to report it to the entire world or a certain number of people on the list — your choice is “Event”.


Whatever you choose, specify “Create a community” by the following action. In the page that opens, enter a brief description of the community, select the theme from the drop-down menu, and you can change the address of the link on the Internet to one that will reflect the content of the community. The system will alert you if the address you enter is already assigned to another community or user. Also, here you can determine whether your group will be closed or open, what content it assumes. After selecting the necessary items, click Save.


Your group is created. You can add a photo to the right that reflects community interests. By default, the group administrator is yourself. Next, you can add other users to the community administration.

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