How can you place an ad on the site


Make the title of your ad. It should be clear, include the name of your goods (services), contain no grammatical errors and help attract buyers.


From the drop-down list on the website page select the section and the rubric corresponding to your product (service). You can preview posted ads similar to yours in advance. It will simplify the task.


Check the box corresponding to the type of your ad: “Buy” or “Sell”, depending on whether you are a seller or by the purchaser.


Specify the price. Check “Trading is possible”, “Exchange” or “Free” if necessary. Write the real value of your item.


If you sell your own goods, enter “Private person” with the corresponding field, if you are a representative of the company, mark “Business”.


Give as complete a description of your goods (services) as possible.


Post some photos of your product. Shots should be of high quality and show your product in different angles. Having a photo increases the number of potential buyers several times.


Enter a contact phone and email address. It will serve to activate your account on the site.


To display the ad in the search database, click “Publish”.

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