Copywriters school: where to take ideas for states




very first and basic rule of copywriter is to walk everywhere with notebook and pen. However, this now quite successfully replaces the phone. Many cell phones, and even more so, iPhones and tablets have functions of Notepad or Notebook. That’s where you should put any notes on articles, topics, ideas, images. Get used to looking at the world through the eyes of a copywriter. Extract useful information from the world around you. Ads, posters, signage — everything can push on the topic for the article. For example, we noticed that there were many sushi bars, meaning that the theme of “sushi” is popular. Topics for articles: “Sushi House”, “How to choose a sushi bar”, “What to wear in a sushi bar”, “What is a sushi bar?” — article for “kettles”, etc. The basic principle, I think, is understandable.


Services of questions and answers, for example, to or to ask. There are many such services on the Internet. Read what people are interested in, it can push for wonderful thoughts. Of course, most questions can not be applied in our work, but to bypass such services is a crime.


Advertising newspapers and magazines. Read what people buy and sell. In addition to traditional cars, real estate, cosmetics, books, equipment, etc., there are many new goods and services. Yes and in traditional categories there are regular updates. For example, a new Mercedes model came out — what is not the topic for the article? Or ceramic knives? Or a new service — chocolate wrap — what is it?


Inquiries at Wordstat. Enter any thematic keyword, such as an apartment, and see the queries associated with it. You can choose any mid-frequency request that you find interesting and write an article on the stated title. For example, “Three bedroom apartment in Moscow is cheap.”


Foreign sites are also a great source of ideas for the article. Especially if you know the language. Or if you have a translator built into your browser. You can simply translate an article (naturally, by literary processing), do on its basis rewriting or just push back from it with thoughts and write something completely your own.

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