Safe cleanings


Pasta from food soda.
To take advantage of the unique cleaning properties of soda, you will need:
– Food soda – 2 cups
– Warm water – 1 liter
Mix soda with water. You should get some pasta. Apply it with a sponge on cleanable surfaces, rinse with water. To remove strong contaminants, wait for the paste to dry completely and then rinse.
A good way for easy cleaning of all dishes: in the bath pour 2 packs of soda ash, pour warm water, leave overnight. In the morning, get kitchen utensils, wipe with a sponge and rinse.


Vinegar. Food vinegar easily removes contaminants and gives shine. The tool based on it can be used to clean mirrors, windows, floor.
We will need:
– food vinegar (transparent) – 2 tbsp.
– warm water – 2 cups
– boric acid – 1 tsp
– detergent – 0.5 tsp.
All ingredients mix. Pour the resulting solution into the spray bottle.


Lemon. Citric acid, diluted water, wipe the fridge shelves, cutting boards and you get rid of the bad smell. Lemon retains the shine of the furniture, for this it is only enough to apply a mixture of lemon juice on the rag and it rub the surfaces. After that, take a polishing rag and walk it through the furniture. Lemon can clean silver products.


Potatoes. Potato juice will help peel the nagar in a pan and pan. Cut the potato in half, cut into soda and rub the contaminated surface, update the cut from time to time.


Olive oil. Surprisingly, olive oil can be applied not only for cooking and beauty treatments, but also for home care. A cloth made of cotton fabric, on which a bit of olive oil is poured, will remove scratches from leather furniture, give shine to steel ware, furniture fittings, clean the leaves of plants.


Universal detergent for washing dishes.
– Household soap – 50 g
– Warm water – 1 liter
– Food soda – 4 tbsp.
– Lemon juice – 1 tsp.
In a can of 1 liter put half a piece of household soap, pour water. Leave it overnight. In the morning, whisk the mixture with a blender, bulk up the soda and add the lemon juice. Pour into the container with the dispenser.

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