How to rid a house of dust

How to clean properly

regularly carry out wet cleaning. However, remember that it only needs to be engaged after you vacuum the carpets and clean the dust and dirt floors. The most inefficient option is to wipe surfaces with a wet rag first, and then use a vacuum cleaner. In many ways, the choice of such a priority of action negates the effect of the effort.

It is worth remembering another important rule: to do wet cleaning immediately after using the vacuum cleaner is not necessary. The best option is first to wait until the dust is spread on the surfaces, and then to clean it with a damp sponge or rag. To speed up the cleaning process, you can vacuum through all the rooms in the house, and then start to wipe the furniture, returning to the room you started with.

Pay special attention to cleaning upholstered furniture. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans and other products need to be regularly vacuumed, because they accumulate dust, which later moves to the floor and other surfaces. A good option is to knock dirt out of upholstered furniture from time to time. To do this, cover it with a damp sheet and carefully knock out with a special item. Then the sheet, which will accumulate in the process of cleaning the furniture all the dirt, should be carefully rolled and washed. The

subtleties of getting rid of dust

It is important to choose the right vacuum cleaner: it must filter the air carefully. Alas, some models of vacuum cleaners are not up to this task, and the air comes out of them polluted. One of the best options is, of course, a device with an aquafilter. Cyclone vacuum cleaners clean the air from dust slightly worse, devices with disposable paper bags are even worse and in the last place in the quality of filtration usually stand products with reusable molds bags.

To improve the cleaning effect, you can buy an “air wash”. Such a device allows the air to be gradually cleaned by “driving” it through a water tank in which the dust settles. Of course, the air wash won’t solve all your problems, but it will significantly reduce the amount of dust in the room.

If there are lots of carpets on the premises, don’t forget to clean them regularly. A huge amount of dust settles on the lint, especially if it is long. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner and occasionally knock out carpets. Remember other dust collectors — dry bouquets, trinkets, decorative pillows and other elements, which are also important to clean regularly.

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