How to look after plastic windows

Traditional remedies such as alcohol, water, soap can be used to wash glasses. But frames made of plastic will require an individual approach. Cleaner shall not include caustic substances such as alkali, solvents, any abrasive additives. All of these drugs will affect profile color. If the windows are white, yellow blades and spots will appear on the frame. Any concentrated solvent acts equally destructively on PVC. Even short-term contact will soften plastic window frames. Avoid and use hard abrasive sponges that scratch the surface of the frames and window sill. Any, even shallow scratches quickly fill with dust.

The most optimal way to wash windows is with a soft rag and simple warm water. Dirt and stains are easily removed with soap solution or laundry detergent. It is better to get special cleaning products designed exclusively for the care of plastic windows.

The locking fittings of plastic windows require no less attention. Check her work every 3-4 months. The movable sash must be opened and shuttered seamlessly, effortlessly, easily and smoothly, in all laid directions. To make the fittings work for a long time, all movable units are treated once a year with a small amount of machine oil or special lubricant offered by window installation companies.

Rubber seals shall ensure the tightness of the window frame. It is important to keep their elasticity. Manufacturing firms recommend that seals be treated twice a year with common glycerin (which is sold in pharmacies). Before treatment, clean the rubber from dirt and dust.

The structure of plastic windows provides drainage channels. They are designed to remove the moisture accumulating inside the window. The drainage channels are at the bottom of the frame, they are clearly visible when the sash is opened. From time to time, this part of the window should also be washed and cleaned from dirt with a sponge and soap solution.

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