How to clean up quickly in a house

You will need
  • a broom, mop or sex rag, vacuum cleaner, monitor wipes, cleaning and cleaning products
Remove the curtains and bed linen from all windows. Fold everything in the bathroom. Now you will definitely wash them, and during cleaning they will not disturb you. Soak tulle with bleaching agent, and curtains and linen gradually refill into the washing machine. Half an hour wash for gardines is usually enough, because they don’t get dirty so much. And wash the bed linen according to the programs of the typewriter.


Next we clean up from above. Scrap the ceiling and wallpaper with a broom to relieve dust and web. If you wash the ceiling or walls, it is best to set aside a separate day for that, it is a really time-consuming and lengthy process.


My chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. Add to the water the arsed alcohol and even the usual glass will shine nicely.


Wipe dust on cabinets and shelves, in passing removing things that were not in their place. Do not forget to wipe the picture frames, wash the mirrors and wipe the dust from computer monitors and televisions.


We launder all switches and door handles with a dishwashing machine.


We get a vacuum cleaner and crack with dust on upholstered furniture. You can also vacuum the system unit of the computer and speakers.


Spolace the flowers under the shower and wipe the flower pots. Rinse the windowsill. If the machine pushes well, you can hang the first batches of washed curtains on the windows.


It remains to vacuum the carpets and sweep the floor. Then rinse the floors with warm water with the addition of detergent.

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