How to get rid of dust ticks

The first thing to do in the fight against dust mites is to free the apartment from unnecessary things collecting and accumulating dust: carpets, skins, heavy bedspreads, portiere and an abundance of soft toys. Pillows with feather fillers are more often taken out in bright sun or frost for ventilation, clean, because it is quite difficult to wash and dry the feather yourself. It will be better if you replace them with an alternative option — cushions with synthepon, holofiber or other synthetic fibers.

The best way to get rid of dust is wet cleaning, which is best done every day. Before washing the floor, vacuum all fabric and floor coverings. Keep in mind that regular vacuum cleaners leave nearly 30% of dust in the air. Therefore, the ideal option for home is a cleaning vacuum cleaner with aquafilter. Dust in such devices is destroyed in water without settling on surfaces, and the vacuum cleaner itself during operation also cleans and moisturizes the air.

Furniture and appliances regularly wipe with a damp rag or antibacterial wipes impregnated with special remedies. Helps to get rid of dust mites and 20% salt solution if rinse all surfaces in the house. Please change bed linen once a week, and add acaracide and anti-tick additives to the water when washing. For humans, they are safe, but for microorganisms are ruinous.

Mattresses and upholstered furniture can be cleaned in the following way. Moisten an old sheet or a piece of cloth in the water, cover the sofa with it, and then carefully run it out with a clap-knock-out. As contaminated, propel the sheet in warm water and repeat the procedure until the fabric remains clean. After knocking out, vacuum the upholstered furniture, heat the iron and iron the sofa, turn on the steam function. From this procedure, the mites living in furniture will die, and you will only have to walk through the surface with a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains of the repaired organisms.

Rescue for people suffering from dust mites, are water filter cleaners. Such devices purify the air even of the smallest dust and harmful microorganisms.

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