How to change a battery in a wristwatch yourself?

You’ll need
  • Watches
  • Battery
  • Knife
  • Shiloh (preferably)
  • Book

Open the back cover of the clock. This is probably the simplest operation. We find a special tongue on the back cover, bring under it the usual sharp strong knife. Now turn towards the watch case, and the lid opens. The main thing is not to make too sharp moves, it is fraught with scratches.


Now get the battery. In modern watches, it rarely attaches somehow difficult. More than a dozen hours have passed through me. As a rule, I needed the maximum to wring the upper contact (it on the spring is executed), and more often – the battery is held only on the “honest word”. In older models, some screw can meet, then a small hour screwdriver will be required.


And now the most important thing. After placing a new battery in the duty station, you need to close the lid. I use my own method for that. I put my watch on the carpet with glass and put the lid in place. On top, put the book so that the clock comes exactly in the center of the book. Now we put pressure on the book with your hand. Under the action of our weight, the lid gently falls into place. This will be clear by a characteristic click.

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