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There are very many kinds of curtains at the moment. It all depends on your preferences as well as the design of the room.

French curtains

They come of two kinds — stationary and lifting. The former are not provided to be moved in different directions, they hang motionless. The second kind of these curtains is more practical. They have a special retainer that allows you to adjust their length and number of folds.

Their main feature is the presence of several sections, as well as lush folds falling down the entire length.

They will look good in spacious rooms, which are decorated in a classic or Art Nouveau style.

Usually these curtains decorate modern mansions and stylish apartments with antique furniture.

Classic curtains

In our time such curtains are becoming increasingly popular. They will be suitable for almost any room.

They usually consist of common portieras combined with a light translucent tulle. If desired, they can be supplemented with lambreken. This will give completeness and originality to their overall appearance.

Classic curtains are known in two variants. The first is traditional. Curtains in this style will convey traditions of several centuries, in them everything will be very strict. At the same time, they will look very graceful and solemn.

The second option is to make such curtains stylized, that is to add notes of modernity in them. It is possible to decorate them almost anything, because now in fashion is unusual.

Roman curtains

Previously, these curtains were used solely to protect the room from extraneous gazes and too much light flow. Now, improved, these curtains are used for decorative purposes and in a wide variety of styles.

In structure such curtains represent a structure of horizontal folds. They are assembled at the expense of rigid ropes fixed inside out, and move at the expense of rings sewn on the fabric. Sometimes, depending on the material, such curtains may replace blinds.

Japanese curtains

Minimalism, concise, restraint – these are the main features and distinctive features of Japanese curtains.

In design such curtains resemble vertical blinds. They are whole even webs that move and move across the window as a panel or screen. To make such curtains you can use any fabric that likes.

One of the advantages of Japanese curtains is that due to their design, they collect almost no dust.

Choosing curtains is very interesting, but at the same time is quite difficult, but knowing the main types of curtains, it will be much easier to make the decision.

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