Peoples Cookware Care Tips

Thermos To disappear the

plaque that forms on the walls of the bulb in the thermos, it is necessary to brew in it for a week the tea stronger than usual. The plaque will move away from the walls, nothing further to do is not necessary.


thermos will be clean if instead of boiling water keep loosely brewed tea in it.

If there is a bad smell in the thermos, rinse it with water with vinegar added.

White plaque on glass and crystal can be laundered in light movements with the help of all known cutlery vinegar;

Tableware and cutlery

Fatty ware without special efforts can be laundered and in warm water, for this purpose it is necessary to pour a little dry mustard into the water (1 teaspoon on pelvis). At the end, rinse the dishes with cool water. It is a tested dishwashing agent.

To prevent the cutlery from smelling fish, wipe them before washing with a piece of oil or a freshly cut lemon crust.


smell of fish will also help to get rid of normal dry mustard. Just wipe it with dry mustard before washing the dishes.

To return the glitter, the stainless steel cutlery needs to lower them into the potato decoction for 10 minutes.

For cleaning enameled dishes, sinks and slabs well will help the tooth powder forgotten by us, and if the swab with powder pre-moisten in vinegar the effect will be even better.

Lemon juice cleans the blade of the knife, removes rusty stains and ink stains on the lingerie. And if you wipe the dark skin product with lemon juice, the product will shine.


To return the former whiteness and fresh look at dishes made of porcelain, you need to grate it with drinking soda or vinegar with salt, some deeper spots with expensive items from porcelain are removed with water with added alcohol.

In order to preserve the original look of porcelain plates as best as possible, it is best to store them by shifting a white sheet of paper cut to the size of the plates;

Crystal and


crystal and glass vases will shine again, for this purpose they need to rinse in a solution of water, vinegar and salt (2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 tablespoon salt).

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