How to organize your life during an epidemic

The threat of coronavirus has forced the government to take unprecedented measures to prevent the disease. Today everything is being done to prevent mass contamination and help most Russians avoid hospital bed and health problems. But, staying at home doesn’t always mean complete security.

Psychological aspect

Among the main threats facing everyone today, not even a virus, but panic. It is she who forces to perform rash acts and can lead to the transformation of the house from refuge into a danger zone. This harmful phenomenon can be prevented by withdrawing information from unverified sources. If there is a person in the family for whom strong experiences can be dangerous, then acquaintance with the latest news about the coronavirus and their discussion should not be held in his society.

You can’t adjust yourself negatively in relation to forced isolation, come up with negative names for housing, where you will have to spend the next few days, and nicknames for households.$ Fantastic stories of how everyone got sick and died, homegrown literalists can record to read later. It is not necessary to turn loved ones into an audience to showcase their and other people’s masterpieces in the spirit of decadence. Questions that may cause conflict with relatives should not be raised. Worse than the beginning of conflict, there can be only an attempt to find out who in the family is in charge and who is superfluous.



Iron Rule that must operate in every home is: came from the street – washed his hands with soap. This is scientists-proven working prevention of coronavirus. Especially for children you can place funny pictures in the hallway, which will remind them that right at the front door parents can’t hug them, only after visiting the bathroom.

Cleaning the room is a guarantee of health, as well as ventilation. You can open windows and you need to. As for household chemicals, any of them deal perfectly with contagion. Apply them according to the instructions, do not try to use what is intended for cleaning plumbing, for personal hygiene. Amateurs of strong fragrances will have to control themselves by applying perfume. Perfume may not appeal to all family members, especially when it impregnates their clothes.

Providing products

Purchase long storage products that are not suitable for cooking full food, unnecessary waste of money and effort. On the way home, a man laden with packets of buckwheat risks the health of his joints and spine. It is unlikely he himself and his housewives will eat cooked grits. She’ll take a place in the kitchen until she’s messed up. Purchase only the foods you eat.

Ordering products with home delivery is a good alternative to going to the store where lots of people gather and there is a risk to pick up disease. But do you forget the specifics of the courier’s work? This is a low-paid unskilled job, where usually the employer is not much concerned with the health of the staff. To avoid problems, pay for goods by cashless payment, meet the courier at the door of the apartment, the bag in which the goods were in, pack in a clean plastic bag and throw away.

The pastime of

useful tips on how to usefully spend time at home, many. Most of them boil down to recommendations to go into self-education, see movies and read books that used to be short of time. This is all very well, unless you take into account that the forced stay at home by many is already perceived as an opportunity to indulge in passive rest, and if still, lying on the couch, something will be possible. useful to do…

You must not forget the need for physical exertions. Charging can also be done in the apartment. So that she doesn’t give anyone trouble, choose a place away from furniture and fragile objects, musical accompaniment is possible only if there are headphones, group gymnastics is acceptable, but without movable games.

It is

not necessary to give examples of brave submariners and astronauts who are able to stay in a closed room for months and don’t fall in spirit. It’s better to borrow some good ideas and some safety rules from them. Discipline and respect for every occupant of a small ship, regardless of their age, will not hurt the family. Remember that every expedition has a doctor, and taking care of your health is the key to the success of the entire team. If someone in the house feels malaise, they should seek qualified medical attention immediately.

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