How to learn to save not to the detriment of health

Properly distribute your budget from the first time may not work out. It is necessary to analyse their costs for months.

1. Record your daily spending in a separate notebook or keep records on your computer. At the end of the month you will see that many purchases were not necessary and could be done without them, saving a good amount of money.

2. Try to make a list before going to the shops. Buy strictly on it.

3. To the store, take a certain amount of money with you so that there is no temptation to buy an unnecessary thing.

4. Use only cash, because by paying your card, you can’t really estimate your costs.

5. Calculate the amount you can spend per week. Set it aside and try not to spend above that amount.

6. Money in envelopes helps very well. That is, you distribute money for 4 weeks by envelopes, as well as put in another envelope the amount to pay for the apartment, credit, etc. Envelopes are used as intended.

7. Eat home. By avoiding coffee shops, a month you’ll save a decent amount. Plus, homemade food will still have a positive impact on your health.

Each family saves in different ways: someone — on food, someone — on electricity and water, someone — disadvantages themselves in absolutely everything. And you just need to learn how to properly distribute your income!

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