How to launder hands from mulbers

The main value of mulberry tree is berries. Tasty, nutritious, with a rich vitamin-mineral composition, they are widely used in both cooking and folk medicine. Everyone is good with mulberry berries, except one — they heavily color the skin of the hands while picking. How easy and quick to get rid of purple spots from fruits on the skin? You can collect them in disposable gloves, but it’s uncomfortable.

Citric acid solution

Citric acid has a whitening effect. Dissolve a teabag of food additive E330-333 in 1.5 liters of warm water, then pour the resulting composition into the pelvis and lower your hands for 5-7 minutes. Then wash your palms and fingers thoroughly with soap. Alternatively citric acid can be used “acetic”, but it should be remembered that the solution of the liquid must be weakly concentrated. Whiten hands after harvesting berries of mulberry tree can also be used with the help of a slice of lemon.

Unripe berries

Find a few fruits of mulberry trees whose ripening period has not yet come (they hang interspersed with black). For whitening, it is enough to carefully erase the immature berries in your hands. The procedure lasts 2-3 minutes. The colourless, slightly greenish mulberry fruit is not very juicy, so it will be necessary to crush them with a little effort.

Cherry/currant juice

It takes a few ripe cherry berries or currants. Squeezing the juice on your hands, then thoroughly wipe their fingers and palms, and in the final stage it is necessary to use water and soap.


In many cottages on the homesteads grow acidic and sorrel. Any of these plants promotes hand whitening after harvesting mulberry trees. It is enough to erase the leaves in your palms, and they will become clean again.

Hand wash

Washing detergent also helps to eliminate stains from the mulberry on the hands. Just manually wash any thing for 10 minutes. The skin on the fingers and palms will regain its natural hue.


When trying to get rid of black spots on your hands, it is important to remember compliance with certain health regulations. Their essence boils down to this:

  • do not use metal washcloth and alternative accessories to get rid of black spots on your hands;
  • give up abrasive substances (acetone, liquids for lubricating parts) in an effort to whiten your hands after collecting a mulberry;
  • do not use table vinegar to wash your hands (only lightly concentrated solution);
  • choosing a shop tool for the purpose of whitening fingers and palms, clearly follow the instructions for use.

Do not forget to treat them with nourishing cream after the hand whitening procedure.

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