How to keep flowers fresh

You will need


  • vase, aspirin, scissors, water

Much longer lasts a bouquet of not fully revealed flowers, with dense buds. Chrysanthemums and lilies will stand long, and roses will keep their freshness longer if not mixed with other flowers.


Before placing the flowers in the vase, ruffle all the leaves and branches that will be in the vase. Also trim the tips of the stems just before submerging in water.


To preserve freshness, you can add a purchase remedy for cut flowers or 1 tablet of aspirin per 1 liter of water to the water.


Water blooms and mucus should not be allowed. To do this, it must be changed every 2 days. The water temperature should be slightly below room.


To ensure that the flowers are not withered or lowered, do not place them near heat sources such as a stove or battery.


Do not allow flowers to be frozen. Even if you carry flowers from the store or apartment to the car, be sure to wrap flowers in newspaper or packing material when outside the temperature is minus.

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