Fianite, zircon, zirconium: difference and common properties

The main difference between fianite and zircon is origin. Zircon is called semi-precious natural gemcolor. Jewelers use it to imitate expensive stones, which include diamonds as well.

Varieties of zircon

In its properties and price rather fragile zircon resembles sapphires and rubies. The colour of the gems varies. Determine the color of impurities of metals as part of the Distinguish:

  • Malacon;
  • Siamese;
  • Starlite;
  • Hyacinth;
  • Matarian diamond.

Colorless zircon with iridescent glitter is called matar diamond. Starlites include blue transparent crystals. The coloration of the malacon is dark brown and the conjoined mineral is golden, orange or yellow. The main feature of hyacinth was the overflow of a transparent crystal reddish-pink hue.

The peculiarities of

fianite Fianite are obtained by artificial means. The name is formed from the abbreviated name of the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, FIAN. It was there that the stone crystal was first grown. Otherwise it is called cubic zirconium.

To obtain the desired color, impurities are added to the synthesized material. In shades, transparent crystals with diamond sheen can be from orange-yellow-red to greenish-brown.

Zirconium is metal. It is not used in jewelry. Strong and corrosion-resistant element silver-grey is indispensable in nuclear physics and metallurgy.

Common in stones

Despite not everything that the artificial material differs from natural, they have a common one. Fianite and zircon are similar in color and bright shine. Crystals differ in structure. It is impossible to simulate the incantations and voids of natural material. They don’t have artificial perfectly transparent fianite.

The appearance of cubic zirconium has shrunk zircon in jewelry, shifting from the position of leader. Modern masters frame natural gems with gold. In particular demand is dark brown crystal, after firing acquires a shade of bright celestial lapis lazuli.

The popularity of the fianites is attributed to the more budgetary cost of The use of cubic zirconium found in medicine, chemical industry, used in optics.

Therapeutic and magical properties

It is

assumed that zircon contributes to normalization of the work of the GI tract, helps improve digestion, get rid of excess weight. The gem has been proven to soothe the nervous system.

To strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to wear natural gemcolor in a gold frame. Astrologers advise donning nibbles with fianite to speed recovery from operational intervention.

Endowed with crystals and magical properties. From envy, negative energy protects zircon in a gold frame when wearing it on the left hand. Cubic zirconium has the ability to improve concentration of attention. He will protect while traveling, bring happiness.

It is believed that fianite enhances the properties of natural jewels. In a sock, cubic zirconium is more practical. Gem natural needs protection from scratches and dampening. Such threats are artificially synthesized crystal is not afraid of.

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