Features of living in a community

Community housing is one or more rooms in an apartment where there are several non-related families living on property or social employment contracts connections. Forced living under one roof of very different people often gives rise to conflict situations reaching open battles. In order to ensure that joint existence, united by places of common apartment use, does not become local conflicts and open communal wars, it is necessary to observe generally accepted rules.

Some basic rules of peaceful coexistence in one territory

Want to live comfortably with neighbors, without scandals and disagreements, observe generally accepted rules.

In case you do not manage to call to the conscience of the abusers, know that listening to loud music, receiving noisy guests and making repairs after 23 hours is prohibited. Are your requests ignored? Have every right to apply to law enforcement agencies. The

common areas – corridor, kitchen, bathroom and toilet – should be accessible to all residents and no one has the right to impose prohibitions and barriers to their use. If conflicts arise, it will be wise to set a schedule of visits.

If you couldn’t agree with neighbors amicably about carrying out joint repair, call representatives of ZhEK. Make an act that, in order to preserve the premises, repair work is necessary. Specialists of managing organizations will make an estimate of the works. In case of refusal to participate in expenses, repairs can be made at the expense of one of the owners and to recover a share of other tenants by court. The act of ZhEU or ZhEKA – the main document for submission to court.

The main thing is to agree

everything can be solved by agreeing. The skinniest world in a communal apartment is better than the protracted or acute phase of hostilities. Such conflicts can last for years, making life difficult for everyone. There was a time when the country lived in communal buildings en masse, and examples of the fact that neighbors became native people, helped and supported a friend even after traveling on separate apartments, mass. It is important to tune into friendly relations, ability to reckon with others and not to dictate their conditions to residents of a common apartment.

Consider that people can’t think the same way Everyone has their own views and preferences. Don’t engage in discussions and discussions of political issues, avoid situations where normal conversation shifts to individuals. Political views change, politicians move off stage, and tainted relationships build hard.

Do not have pets if in the apartment at least one of the occupants is against. There is a possibility that you will make yourself and a four-legged pet an unbearable life.

Never take without permission the belongings of neighbors, even the most minor ones, do not enter the rooms of other occupants without knocking. With small things usually start the hidden grievances, which at the first conflict grow into a scandal.

Features of living in a communal apartment force to identify and nurture in itself the great art of diplomacy. All things need to be agreed on. Even about where to put a washing machine or a baby bike. The

desire to find a common language with the residents of the communal community and to develop acceptable for all general rules of residence is a guarantee that your joint apartment will not become the arena of hidden and obvious battles.

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