How to choose a new sewing machine

Highlights when selecting a new typewriter

One of the most important criteria for selecting a typewriter is its weight. Heavy machines tend to be more durable, because most of their assemblies are made of strong metals, it is especially important if you plan to tailoring things made of dense and heavy fabrics. If you are going to sew ordinary fabrics, do not sew jeans and do not perform extraordinary operations at all, you will also suit a fairly light machine, whose knots are made of high quality plastic. Typically, such typewriters cost less.

Note the presence of a seam on the typewriter. It will not replace the overlock completely, but it will simplify the processing of the edge of the

Another important parameter is the table. In inexpensive cars usually similar tables removable, but if there is a possibility to split for a couple of extra thousand, it is better to choose a typewriter with a folding table. It does not interfere when sewing, folds with light pressing and facilitates access to the shuttle.

But the method of cleaning the loops is a very important parameter. It’s not worth saving on it. It’s better to buy a typewriter that makes loops automatically. A bit of practice and you will perform loops of the right size with a touch of the pedal.

Shuttle type is another important factor. The shuttle can be horizontal and vertical. Vertical is a classic shuttle that stands in all old cars. Horizontal — a new and convenient kind of shuttle. First, his work can be monitored through the transparent window of the needle plate, secondly, the spool is very easy to insert, thirdly, it is not necessary to mess with the spool cap, because it is in case of horizontal shuttle is stationary, it is in it that the spool is put. So, if there is a possibility, buy a typewriter with a horizontal shuttle type.

Computer machines – a new word of technology

Computerized sewing machines are becoming more popular, they have a huge number of advantages – performing any loops in automatic mode, hundreds of lines, automatic thread and fine-tuning capability. However, the price of similar marvels of technique is biting, so unless you have global plans for tailoring sophisticated clothing models, it’s better to opt for a simpler electric typewriter.

In case of breakage, it will cost many times cheaper to repair, moreover most of its functions you will use constantly, while most of the functions of a computerized machine in a normal household sewing can not be affected for years. If you make a choice in favor of a complex machine, study the instructions especially carefully, such units require fine tuning.

Find out how many and which feet are included in the kit of the typewriter before you purchase. If necessary, buy the necessary ones.

By the way, about overcomplicated technique – it is not necessary to choose the typewriter, focusing on a large number of available lines. This is a secondary factor, since only a dozen stitches are used — straight, straight fortified, a pair of zigzags and looping operations.

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